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Here's a video one of our fans posted on youtube.Go ahead and use his reff![PROOF]

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Hello and welcome to paysafecard generator!Paysafe card is an online currency currently available on thousand of sites.You can buy Riot Points in League of Legends, buy Facebook Credits, add money to Steam Wallet and even shop on websites that allow Paysafe card.

Not long time ago we managed to get access to one of their mainframe and we're now able to provide you with free paysafe cards.

All you have to do is to get 10 of your friends to click on your URL.This way more find out about it!After you do this step there might another layer of security but this is just to be sure our site will be up for a long time, helping people buy Riot Points in League of Legends, getting all the Steam Games for free using Steam Wallet and our generated PaySafe Cards!

Each 5 grant you 1 PaySafecard of 50 €/$/£. More friends, more codes!
If you invite 35 friends you'll have access to the downloadable generator, to use it how you like it!

Refresh the page to updated the refferals!


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